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Support the Burma Campaign UK petition

As you may be aware, Burma is one of the NASUWT’s priority countries in relation to international campaigning, support and development. It is in this context that the current news in relation to the treatment of Rohingya civilians in the Rakhine state is of such concern.

Burma Campaign UK reports that the Burmese Army has killed hundreds of Rohingya civilians, including children and that they have burned down thousands of Rohingya homes. This has led to at least 150,000 Rohingya being forced to flee for their lives.

Burma Campaign UK are running a new campaign highlighting the fact that the UK Government currently spends £300,000 a year training the Burmese Army. They are asking supporters to tell the UK Government, specifically by emailing the Foreign Secretary, that this training must stop now.

The NASUWT supports this campaign and will be urging the UK Government to stop this training. The Union will continue to work with Burma Campaign UK and other partners to see what support can be offered to the Rohingya.

Messages in support of these political campaigns can make a difference and change policy. If you are able to, please take the time to email the UK Government.

What you can do to get involved

  • Share this message with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Dr Patrick Roach

Deputy General Secretary

Model Pay Policy 2017

For info

Please find attached the model pay policy for 2017/18.

Given there were no changes in the STPCD this year, the only change (other than some cosmetic updates) is reference to the revised pay points reflecting this year’s pay award in line with the LA position on it regarding implementation. Information on the pay award has been sent to you under separate cover.

This policy will be shared with schools for them to review / adapt / amend accordingly.


Anne Calvert

Operational HR - Lead Specialist (Schools)
Human Resources
Organisational Development
Corporate Services Division
Newcastle City Council

Model Pay Policy 2017.pdf