Wellbeing Survey

How is work for you? Do you and your colleagues feel valued? Are you listened to?


Do you all feel stressed out? Do you all dread crossing the doors to go to work?

NASUWT has been concerned for some time about Wellbeing at Work and has produced our own survey tool which members can use – You can find this on the North Tyneside website, Important Documents.

NASUWT North Tyneside has been proactive for many years in seeking to improve the working lives of our members and helping members achieve an acceptable work-life balance. As well as submitting several Motions to Conference on Wellbeing Issues we have been working directly with schools in North Tyneside. This has resulted in some quite abhorrent management working practices being stopped.

North Tyneside HR have now come up with a Wellbeing Survey pilot which will involve 12 schools in the borough in the first instance. NASUWT views this as a 'Health-Check' whereby members are surveyed to ensure all is as it should be in the borough's schools and we fully support the survey.

However, there are occasions when this 'Health-Check' survey is not appropriate. This may be where members have reported unacceptable management practices across the school. Traditionally, in these cases, we have asked for the HSE Stress at Work Survey to be completed by members. Now, however, with the improvement in online surveys and their greater efficiency, and following strong representation by your officers, this survey – as adapted to fit better with the school environment – can be sent out to school staff to be completed anonymously. It is not something we ask for very often but it is a very useful tool in monitoring and assessing any reports of unacceptable management practice.

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